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Lets Plan Your Perfect Holiday in Dubrovnik Together

"Dubrovnik Locals"

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Dubrovnik Vacation Calculator

Insider tips from Dubrovnik locals & truthful tourist information!

This website is created by a group of Dubrovnik locals with a mission to HELP tourists on their Holidays in Dubrovnik. With so many travel agencies and tour operators offering their services it is hard to decide what offer to take and get the best experience for your money. "Holidays in Dubrovnik" will present you 100% truthful information and ease your decision. While heading on your trip to Dubrovnik Croatia find out what beaches to visit, what part of town to choose for your accommodation, what attractions to see, what tours and excursions to book. Inform yourself before your arrival and don't fall into the tourist traps.

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How to save time and money during your Holidays?

Why paying $100 for your transfer when you can get it for $60? Same as in other popular tourist locations some restaurants are typical tourist traps, some clubs are too expensive, and some attractions are boring! No need to spend your time and money on those.         Did you know that there are ATMs in our town that can charge you more than 30% in commission fees? Don't burn your travel budget on things you don't have to. You can go to the cheap holidays to Dubrovnik and experience the best time of your life.

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This is the ultimate Dubrovnik - Game of Thrones - Kings Landing guide for tourists made by locals. Find out maps, locations, pictures, and insider tips.

Enjoy in your Dubrovnik Holidays and City Views!

Our town is unique and offers many hidden magical spots waiting to be discovered. Allow us to help you find all the amazing city views during your holidays. Often small things and details can make your visit special and remarkable. Dubrovnik locals will point you in the right direction of all hidden city gems.

What tours and excursions to choose?

With just a little bit of reading, exploring and planning you can find Dubrovnik best tours and excursions. Why spending a whole day on a boring and expensive trip when you can have the fun of your life on some other tour?! Don't be lazy, spend some time planning your vacation. We are here to help you with that.

Find the best sightseeing spots clubs, bars, and museums!

It is 2019 - Visiting some amazing location and not taking a selfie and posting an Instagram photo is like you haven't even been there. Uncover all the best spots for a perfect photo and find out what sightseeing tours worth taking during your holidays in Dubrovnik Croatia. There is something for everyone in our hometown. Whether you are a party animal, beer lover or a classic geek we will help you have the best time during your holidays.          We understand that you want to drink a cup of coffee on Stradun and enjoy its uniqueness, but why spending half of your budget on getting wasted on Stradun when you can do it for a much less on many other cool places just a few minutes from Dubrovnik main street? 

Learn interesting facts about amazing Dubrovnik history!

If you decide to make a trip to Dubrovnik Croatia spend a few minutes and learn the most interesting facts from its history. We prepared some really unique short stories to learn about your traveling location. Become a Dubrovnik expert even before starting your holidays. Impress and make your traveling partners laugh by telling them the amazing facts about the Republic of Ragusa.


Not visiting at least some of these amazing places near Dubrovnik would be a huge mistake for every traveler.

Spend a perfect day by visiting the best Dubrovnik attractions!

Every tourist will visit Old Town and City Walls, but what about all other attractions Dubrovnik has to offer? Find out if they are worth your time and money, what to expect and what to avoid. Why not use easy hiking trail to the best sightseeing spot on mount Srd and save $25 on cablecar ticket? It is healthier, more adventures and in our opinion much better experience than hopping on Dubrovnik cable car.

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