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Cavtat and Konavle region tour information

This article will provide you all basic information about half-day tours and excursions from Dubrovnik to Cavtat and Konavle region. This tour is very popular and offered by many travel agencies so it is a smart move to get all the details about this region before deciding which tour to book. Some tours are more devoted to cultural heritage and local food and wine tasting, while others will take tourists to all historical and natural sites of the Konavle region. There is always an option for tourists to rent a car or use local bus lines to visit major attractions of the Konavle region independently.

Konavle region

Konavle is a name for the region stretched between Adriatic sea and Bosnian border southeast from Dubrovnik and all the way to the Montenegro border. The first town of Konavle region you will encounter when coming from Dubrovnik is Cavtat. The town of Cavtat is strongly historically connected with Dubrovnik. We could even say that without Cavtat there would not be Dubrovnik, but that is part of some other story that you will probably hear from the guide on your Cavtat and Konavle tour. The other important town in this region is Cilipi. All tourists traveling to Dubrovnik by airplane will start their holidays in Cilipi because Dubrovnik airport is placed here.

The whole region is famous for its tasty domestic food and good local wine. Tourists can taste unique products of the Konavle region in several popular restaurants or gastro-agro touristic households. The biggest number of restaurants is placed in Cavtat and fresh fish meals would be our first choice in any of them. If you are more of a meat person than rather choose one of the many rural touristic gastro households of Konavle region. Restaurant with the longest tradition in this area is Konavoski Dvori. This restaurant is placed on a unique location near the river Ljuta and offers not just food delicacies from Dubrovnik and Konavle region but from whole Croatia. You can't go wrong with restaurant Konavoski Dvori, but be ready to pay a premium price when compared to other similar restaurants in the region.

We will share with you one secret!

 Cavtat is just 20 minutes car ride distant from much more popular Dubrovnik and these two cities are well connected by bus, taxi, UBER or even boat. Tourist accommodation in Cavtat is less expensive and often more spacious than the ones in Dubrovnik. The crowds (biggest problem of Dubrovnik) are much smaller during high season in Cavtat and you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and have access to many great beaches if you book your accommodation in Cavtat for your holiday in Dubrovnik. Just think about this and explore this idea, you may like it!



There are several popular Cavtat tourists attractions:

Vlaho Bukovac Painting

The house of Vlaho Bukovac, one of the greatest Croatian painters is placed in Cavtat and opened to visitors. Vlaho Bukovac had a great international career at the end of 19th and the beginning od 20th century and his paintings are sold for hundreds of thousands USD. We are sure that all art lovers will truly enjoy a visit of Vlaho Bukovac House in Cavtat.

Cavtat seafront is a really nice place to spend your evening or have your first-morning coffee. There are many cafe bars and a restaurant in this area for you to choose from. You can also visit the rest of the old town, the church of St Nicholas and Cavtat cemetery.


If you are in good physical shape pathway of the Ronald Brown should be an interesting experience. It will not just be good for your shape, but also learn you one sad story. It is especially recommended for visitors from the United States.

If you decide to try this tracking pathway it is important to equip yourself with fresh water and sun protection.

For all of us that are not ready for 5 hours of tracking there is a much more pleasant alternative -  exquisite seaside promenade of Cavtat.

Konavle Region - Cavtat

Soko tower is one of the hidden jams of the Konavle region. This stronghold of the Dubrovnik Republic was recently restaurated and now shines again as a most important defensive structure of the Republic borders from the East. In times of the Republic, this amazing fortification was providing a home for 15 soldiers and one commanding officer from Dubrovnik aristocratic family. Today this newly restaurated unique piece of defensive architecture is open to visitors.

Soko Tower

Soko Tower

Visiting hours:

April 1 – May 31: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
June 1 – October 31: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
December 1 – March 31: 12 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: 50 Kn
Groups: 35 Kn
Children (aged between 5 and 18) : 35 Kn

Konavle wine, mills and souvenirs

Most of tours and excursions will take tourists to see the old mills of the Konavle region. This tours usually also include food and wine tasting and traditional folklore. The dance Lindo is usually performed during these tours in the same manner as locals are dancing it for centuries. The mills of Konavle where producing flour and olive oil for hundreds of years and the most popular one is placed on river Ljuta near a restaurant Konavoski Dvori.

Konavle region has a long tradition of wine cultivation, going back to the first Greek colonies in this area. Tourists can visit one of the many wineries and vineyards of Konavle and enjoy in wine tasting. The most popular sorts of wine are white Dubrovnik Malvasia and red Merlot. We highly recommend you to try these wines and even buy a few bottles as a souvenir from your holiday in Dubrovnik. The other authentic souvenirs from this area are traditional Konavle embroidery named Konavle lace and also golden Konavle earings.

Konavle wine and river Ljuta

Pasjaca Beach

The biggest well-hidden star of Konavle region is the beach Pasjaca. If you are looking for something special that you will remember for the whole your life than search no more. Visiting beach Pasjaca in Konavle is not just about sun and sea, but the whole process of getting there is a real adventure. Beach Pasjaca was at the top of the list for best beaches in Europe several times. If you decide to visit it you will understand why.  

Konavle adventure tours

If you are someone searching for more adventure and adrenaline rush during your holidays in Dubrovnik then Konavle has several interesting options for you. Horseback riding is the first one of them. You can join this tour even without previous experience in riding and spend several hours exploring beautiful hidden nature on the horse. Several types of safari are also available and these tours use different types of ATV quad vehicles, buggies or even jeeps to take you to real adrenaline Konavle adventure.

Konavle adrenaline adventure

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