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Dubrovnik Accommodation (Q & A)

In this part of the Dubrovnik Guide, we will answer on one of the most important questions for your Dubrovnik vacation - Where to sleep? In this part of the Dubrovnik guide, you will find out what are the best family hotels in Dubrovnik, which is the best private accommodation, which is the most expensive Dubrovnik villa to rent... If you have any additional tourism-based questions about Dubrovnik feel free to contact us.

- What type of accommodation to chose in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik has a big number of hotels from three to five stars, private accommodation units and even camping sites that you can choose from. It is all up to you what type of accommodation to choose. Hotels will offer you full comfort and room maintenance, but the price is usually two to three times higher than the price of Dubrovnik private accommodation of the same quality. The extra advantage of private accommodation is that you can cook your meals and make extra savings on food and restaurants expenses.

- What are the best hotels in Dubrovnik?

It is hard to choose the best hotel for everyone, but some of Dubrovnik hotels are proving their quality for a long time so we will mention them. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Villa Dubrovnik, Hotel Excelsior and Hotel More.

- What is the price of accommodation in Dubrovnik?

The main factors determining accommodation price are the month you are visiting, type of accommodation, location and number of stars (quality). The Dubrovnik vacation cost calculator is doing a great job in calculating accommodation price for you. 

- What is the best area of Dubrovnik to stay in?

Most of the tourists want to stay inside Dubrovnik City Walls, inside the Old Town. Even this location is special and unique it also has some disadvantages. You are going to pay a premium price for your accommodation inside city walls, there is a small number of hotels in this location, there is no car access to your accommodation, it is often too crowded and noisy. Staying in Lapad and Babin Kuk area is recommended for families. there are many beaches, parks, and promenades in this part of Dubrovnik. The area of Gruz usually has the best prices of accommodation, it is very well connected with the Old Town and quieter, plus you will be close to the harbor and main bus station.

- Are there hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town?

Yes, there is one classic hotel located in Dubrovnik Old Town, inside city walls - The Pucic Palace. There are also three boutique hotels - Boutique Hotel Stari Grad, St. Joseph' and Prijeko Palace, plus many more room and apartments available for tourists to rent.

- What is the most exclusive Dubrovnik villa?

Villa Sheherezada and Villa Agava are probably the most exclusive villas in Dubrovnik. When world rich and famous people (Christiano Ronaldo, Morgan Freeman, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Spacey...) Visit Dubrovnik they usually stay in these two villas. The price of rent for this kind of VIP accommodation is more than 10000$ per night during the season.  

What are the most popular Dubrovnik family hotels?

If you are looking for family hotels in Dubrovnik we would recommend hotels in Lapad and Babin Kuk. These two parts of town have many parks and nice beaches, plus the promenade in Uvala Lapad presents a perfect place for a walk with your kids. Many hotels in this area have big pools and some of them have special programs for kids and families. If you choose Lapad or Babin Kuk you will be far from the Old Town crowds, but at the same time well connected by local bus lines to visit it whenever you like.

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