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Dubrovnik Attractions

The list of all major Dubrovnik top attractions and things to see in Dubrovnik Croatia with important tourist information, interesting facts, maps, locations, and insider tips.

Dubrovnik Best Places to Visit

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia. When you pick Dubrovnik best places to visit, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you go through this online platform, you can find the best Dubrovnik Day Tours online. The locals are providing information to help the travellers in the best possible way.

We provide a lot of information including maps, places, insider trips, accommodation and many more. You can read these blogs to prepare well for the tour. You can come across quality information which assists you in making all the right decisions and explore Dubrovnik at its best.

Our blogs reveal clearly Dubrovnik best places to visit and you can design a tour itinerary based on the information available. Since locals are deeply knowledgeable about every location, you can get to know about the best Dubrovnik day tours online and many other related information on our site. 

Dubrovnik itinerary 

One of the most usual questions that we get from our first-time visitors is what things to see in Dubrovnik Croatia, what are Dubrovnik top attractions and Dubrovnik best places to visit. It is not easy task to decide how to spend your time and choose the beat from whats our hometown has to offer, especially if you are staying just for a day or two. We decide to provide you with a short Dubrovnik itinerary for a 24h visit that will cover Dubrovnik top attractions.


- Go to the Old Town and climb Dubrovnik City Walls early in the morning. They open at 8:00 AM and the best thing to do is to be first at the entrance and enjoy walking the City Walls before the temperature goes too high and all cruising tourists make to many crowds.

- After you made a circle around City Walls choose one of the cafe bars or restaurants for a coffee or brunch. There are a few of them on the main street Stradun that are on Dubrovnik best places to visit the list for sure.

- Now you are ready for a beach. The closest to the Old Town and the most popular is Banje beach, but you can also take a bus or TAXI and choose some of the beaches in the Lapad area. If you prefer some activity rather than laying on the beach and relexing we recommend you take one of the Kayaking tours and explore the Old Town from the seaside together with the island of Lokrum.

- By now it should be close to the evening and temperature together with cruising tourists should go down. This is a perfect time to find an excellent sightseeing spot and enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset. One of Dubrovnik's best places to visit for this is a restaurant at the top of the Srd mountain LINK while the other one is Sunset Beach in the Lapad area.

- Finishing your Day in Dubrovnik with a dinner in one of the Old Town restaurants is a way to go. Do your homework and find the restaurant that suits you best so you don't fall into one of the tourist traps. If you have the energy for more Culture Club Revelin will offer you all night magnificent party experience and we are placing it on a list of things to see in Dubrovnik Croatia.

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