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Dubrovnik Restaurant(Q&A)

Dubrovnik Restaurant Guide (Q & A)

In this part of the Dubrovnik Guide, we will answer questions about bars and restaurants in Dubrovnik. Find out where in Dubrovnik to go for a fine dinner, what pub to visit to have a cold and not too expensive beer, what is the price of pizza in Dubrovnik... If you have any additional tourism-based questions about Dubrovnik feel free to contact us.

Get answer about Dubrovnik restaurants and best places to eat

- What is the price of food in Dubrovnik?

Same as everywhere the price of food depends on many factors. Price of groceries is on average the same as in other western Europen countries. The average prices of food in Dubrovnik restaurants and fast foods are:

- Rissoto/Pasta: 70 Kn

- Beefsteak: 200 Kn

- Pizza: 60 Kn

- Hamburger: 40 Kn

(Kuna is worth approximately 6,5 USD or 7,5 Euros. Prices can be higher in the Old Town and some other exclusive restaurants or locations.)


- What is the price of drinks in Dubrovnik?

- Coffee Espresso: 10 Kn

- Cappuccino: 15 Kn

- Coca Cola (bottle): 20 Kn

- Juice: 20 Kn

- Beer Local 0,33: 20 Kn

- Restaurant home wine: 80 Kn/L

- Bottle of quality 0,75 wine: 200 Kn

- Cocktail: 70 Kn

(Kuna is worth approximately 6,5 USD or 7,5 Euros. Prices can be higher in the Old Town and some other exclusive restaurants or locations.)

- Are Dubrovnik restaurants expensive?

As everywhere in the world you can find expensive and less expensive restaurants. Always expect to pay a premium price for a premium location like Stradun or Cable car restaurant on Srd. If you are on a budget do your homework and find restaurants with the best value for money or the ones offering daily meals for a lower price. To avoid tourist traps it is always smart to check Trip Advisor restaurant reviews, even it is not perfect it can give you a good insight into the restaurant you are planning to visit.

- What are the best restaurants in Dubrovnik?

The gastronomical scene in Dubrovnik become richer and more diversified during the last few years. Tourists may choose what type of food they want and what price range they are willing to pay. We will mention a few restaurants for every paygrade, but recommend you to check Trip Advisor for more details.

- Dubrovnik Fine Dining Restaurants: Nautika, Restaurant 360 (Michelin star), Proto

- Dubrovnik Classic Restaurants: Dubravka on the Pile gate, Gradska Kavana, Magellan, Pantarul

- Dubrovnik Seafood Restaurants: Yacht Club Orsan, Orka, Porat

- Dubrovnik Fast Food Restaurants with food delivery: Fast Food Yummmi, Fast Food Cezar

- Authentic Dubrovnik Cuisine Restaurants: Konoba Dubrava na Bosanci, Restaurant Kopun, Konavoski Dvori

- what local food to try in Dubrovnik?

If you are looking for authentic food of the Dubrovnik region these meals you should try:

- Dirty Macaroni (Sporki Makaruli) is dating all the way back to the days of Dubrovnik Republic when the Aristocracy would serve their meat leftovers to Dubrovnik peasants. This meal is based on smaller pieces of beef made on pork fat and than mixed with tomato sauce and macaroni with parmesan cheese.

- Dubrovnik Pasticada is beef steak filled with bacon, carrots, onion, and herbs marinated in vinegar for half-day, then slowly cooked and served with homemade gnocchi.

- Green Stew (Zelena Menestra) is a simple peasants food made in the Dubrovnik area for centuries. It is based on different kinds of local cabbage, potatoes, and pork meat cooked together. 

- Oysters and Mussels are also part of a tradition in the area of Ston where they cultivate them for the last few hundred years. Even there are many recipes based on Ston oysters the best way to eat them fresh from the sea with a little bit of lemon.

-Where to find a restaurant with local food in Dubrovnik?

Inside Dubrovnik City Walls we would recommend the restaurant Kopun with several traditional recipes on their menu made with local ingredients. Restaurant Proto is always a good choice for local seafood. For more authentic gastronomical experience we advise you to visit the area of Ston (restaurants Kapetanova Kuca or Bakus) and Konavle region where you will find several genuine restaurants serving Dubrovnik traditional food. 

- What are the best Dubrovnik bars?

It is hard to pick the best bar for every person, but we are going to list a few of the most popular bars in Dubrovnik for every part of town.

Bars in Old Town:

Buza Bar is a beach bar with a unique location under the city walls.

The Bar by Azur has the most serious and very vide drink and cocktails menu. On some occasions, they have jazz/rock bands playing in the bar.

Cele Bar is located on the premium position on Dubrovnik main street Stradun. A perfect place for morning coffee and cake.

Bars in Lapad:

Cave Bar More in hotel More offers an experience of being served a cold cocktail inside of a cave. A perfect refreshment during hot summer days.

Celtic Bar Belfast is a place with a great variety of drinks and good prices. You will find locals drinking here and having a good time and that is always a good sign.

Sports Pub Mario is located on Lapad promenade. If you are searching for a place to watch your favorite team play and have a few pints of beer Sports Pub Mario is a perfect place for you.

Sunset Beach Bar is perfect chillout on central Lapad Bay beach. Other than drinks they also offer food.

Bars in Gruz:

Dubrovnik Beer Factory is located just a few minutes walk from the central bus station. A simple and cool place with a variety of local beers on their menu.

Love Bar is located on the roof od the old closed factory. The prices are great and a view from their terrace is even better.

- What is the best Dubrovnik wine?

The most famous wines from Dubrovnik area are made on peninsula Peljesac, the island of Korcula and Konavle region. Plavac and Dingac are strong red wines from Peljesac made from Plavac Mali. Posip is high-quality white wine from Korcula and we would say that Posip Cara offers the best value for money. Dubrovnik Malvasia is great traditional wine made in Konavle region for many centuries.

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