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Dubrovnik Beaches Map

Here you can find Dubrovnik beaches map and list with a short description of all popular beaches inside the city of Dubrovnik and places where you can go swimming and sunbathing.  There are also all beach bars, restaurants, and locations where you can rent a jet ski and water sports equipment marked on the map. 

Sveti Jakov Beach

Sandy/rocky beach with an amazing view on the Old Town and island of Lokrum. One of the most beautiful Dubrovnik beaches. There are deck chairs to rent and water sports, kayaks and ski jets are available to rent. The beach bar is pretty expensive and there is a restaurant near the beach. The only downside for this beach is a few hundred stairs you need to climb after your beach time is over.

Hotel Belvedere Beach

This beach is located under the hotel Belvedere that was destroyed during the Croatian War for Independence and never rebuilt. Mostly used by locals this is not a classic beach, but a place where you can enter into the sea and find several rocks or concrete surfaces for sunbathing. One of the Game of Thrones filming locations is near this beach and this location is great to enjoy the sunsets with a view on Dubrovnik Old Town.

Banje Beach

The most famous Dubrovnik beach with an exclusive location just several minutes walk from the Old Town. Sandy/rocky beach with one part of the beach predicted for rented deck chairs and VIP sunbathing platforms and other anyone can use for free. Banje beach has its beach bar, restaurant and night club. Ski Jets rent and water sports are available on for rent.

Porporela beach

Porporela is one of the places inside City Walls where locals go for swimming, sunbathing and playing water polo by day or having a romantic date by night. A unique beach placed at the entrance in the Old Town harbor under the St. John fortress. There are many large stones and concrete surfaces that can be used for sunbathing. There is also a small bar with basic refreshments on Porporela.

Buza Beach

This beach got its name Buza from the hole in Dubrovnik City Walls that you have to pass through to get to this beach. This place is very popular and visited by tourists so their cafe bar is a little bit pricy, but it is still an amazing place to have a cold beat and refresh yourself by jumping in the sea from one of the rocks or concrete platforms.

Kolorina Beach

This beach is located in the Park Pile under Dubrovnik City Walls. It is not a good place to swim, but here you can rent a kayak and visit several Game of Thrones filming locations. There are a bar and restaurant located near this beach.

Sulic Beach

This beach is placed in the small bay near the Pile Gate and very popular by locals. From one side of the beach, you can see Fort Revelin while Gradac park is on the other side. There are plenty of concrete surfaces for sunbathing and a great beach bar on Sulic beach. You will find many locals swimming and sunbathing here.

Dance Beach

Dante beach is located just a few hundred meters under park Gradac parking. There is no classic beach on this location but several ladders to enter into the open sea. Locals often play water pool and football/soccer on small goals on this beach. there are also several cliffs for sea jumps on Dance. A small Caffe bar is open during summer months with coffee, beer, and soft drinks. There are plenty of large rocks and concrete surfaces for sunbathing.

Boninovo Beach

A small hidden place under Boninovo Park can hardly be called a beach, but rather a rocky spot with ladders to enter into the sea and few cliffs if you want to jump into it. Few small concrete surfaces are made for sunbathing the same as many rocks where you can sit and enjoy sunsets. You will often find people fishing from this location.

Hotel Bellevue Beach

Sandy/rocky beach under hotel Bellevue is the biggest beach in this part of Dubrovnik. With a lot of space for beach towels, cafe bar, restaurant, and free showers this place has all the ingredients needed for great beach time. There is also a water polo court on Bellevue beach where locals often play. You can reach this beach from hotel Bellevue (officially for guests of the hotel only) or from the street near hotel Liberts Rixos.

Hotel Libertas Rixos Beach one & two

Central beach and pool under hotel Libertas are reserved for hotel guests or visitors ready to pay daily pool ticket, but you can also reach the sea from the two street places on the left and right side of the Rixos Libertas hotel. There are several rocks and concrete surfaces to enjoy sunbathing and take a swim from. Be aware that this location can be dangerous for swimming if the weather is not nice and there are big sea waves.

Hotel Palace Beach

Under the hotel Palace, you can find a big rocky/concrete sea entrance available to all visitors. There are a swimming pool and deck chairs for hotel Palace guests or visitors willing to pay daily pool tickets. Hotel beach bar and restaurant offer a variety of food and drinks. During the summer months, there are often concerts or live music on this location.

Splendid Beach

Beach under hotel Splendid has a smaller sandy/rocky area, but also bigger rocks and concrete surfaces that can be used for sunbathing. A small cafe bar that also serves basic snacks is placed near the beach. Many locals use this beach and there are ski jets available to rent from this location.

Vis beach

There are two beaches on this location named Vis one and Vis two. The first one is sandy/rocky and the other has a big concrete surface with stairs leading into the sea. Deck chairs are available for rent and there is also a bar of the old hotel Vis serving basic refreshments.

Sunset Beach

Sunset beach is the biggest beach in Uvala Lapad. It is mostly sandy/rocky, but it also has concrete surfaces for sunbathing and stairs to enter the sea. The big number of deck chairs is available to rent the same as water sports gadgets. There are several bars, restaurants, ice cream stands, and pizzerias near Sunset Beach. Showers with freshwater and lifting crane for disabled people to enter the sea are also on this location, the same as car parking. This beach is a great place to spend your evenings with many events and live music during the summer months.

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