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Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Cable Car Dubrovnik is the second most popular city attraction. In this article, you will find out its location, working hours, Dubrovnik cable car price, and we will even provide you with a map if you want to use tracking road to get to the mount of Srd.

The most astonishing view on Dubrovnik, Lokrum and surrounding Adriatic Sea coastline can be seen from the top of the Srđ Mountain, and the best way to get there is by Dubrovnik Cable Car. Dubrovnik Cable Car Sightseeing tour will take you from its base station to the top of the Srđ (415 meters, 1360 feet) in just a few minutes. Enjoying this short ride is just the beginning of the trip for all tourists that decide to visit this second most popular Dubrovnik attraction. On the upper Dubrovnik Cable Car station you will find:

  •  Restaurant a cafe bar Panorama

  •  Dubrovnik in Homeland War museum

  •  Several authentic souvenir stores

  •  Srđ Fort Imperial

  •  Srđ amphitheater

  •  Memorial Cross monument on Srđ

Dubrovnik Cable Car Sightseeing

The boarding entrance of Dubrovnik Cable Car station is easy to find. It is located approximately 200 meters from the Old Town Buza and Ploce Gates. The city line BUS number 8 has a station in front of the Cable Car entrance. Even you can buy Cable Car tickets at several places in Dubrovnik, the most practical way is to purchase them at the entrance before boarding. You can pay them with Croatia Kuna (1Kn/7,4€) or credit cards. Dubrovnik cable car price:

  •  Adults: Both directions/One way:  150 Kn/85Kn

  •  Kids(4 - 12): Both directions/One way: 60 Kn/40 Kn

  •  Kids under 4 years: Free ride

Be ready to pay premium food and drink prices for premium view on Dubrovnik at restaurant Panorama at top of the Srđ mountain. This is absolutely the best location to take panoramic photos of your Dubrovnik holidays.

"GOOD TO KNOW: "If you are traveling od budget you can buy food for decent prices at Fast Food Yummmi across Cable Car Dubrovnik lower station before going on Srd "

Dubrovnik Homeland War Museum

Homeland War Museum is located in Fort Imperial. This fort was the last line of defense of Dubrovnik during the Croatia war of Independence (1991 to 1995). A small group of Croatian army soldiers defended Fort Imperial from the Yugoslavian army. Thanks to them Dubrovnik was not occupied during the War. You will see many authentic artifacts from that period of Dubrovnik history together with war photographs. There is also a section of the museum dedicated to Napoleonic wars. Napoleon General Marmont and his army built Fort Imperial at the beginning of the 19th century and after ending the independence of the Dubrovnik Republic 1806.

Ticket price for the Homeland War museum on Srđ is 30Kn (4,5€)

Srd Amphitheater

Srđ amphitheater is located near the Cable Car upper station and has a capacity of 250 seats. During the summer this small open-air stage hosts different musical and cultural events. The most famous one is "Welcome Summer" held at the down of the first day of the summer every year. This unique musical experience with a popular Croatian cellist Ana Rucner will provide every visitor with unforgettable memories from its Dubrovnik holidays. You can see how it Ana Rucner is welcoming summer in Srđ amphitheater here...

Srđ Fort Imperial

Fort Imperial was built by Napoleonic general Marmont after the French army occupied and ended the independence of Dubrovnik Republic in 1806. Fort was built on the site of the old St. Srđ Church and it was a very important defensive fortification during the 19th century. After Napoleon lost its power an Austro Hungarian army upgraded fort Imperial and used it for its army. Fort was also used during a Croatia War for Independence as the last line of Dubrovnik defense.

Srđ Memorial Cross monument 

Just a little bit under Dubrovnik Cable Car upper station there is a Memorial Cross that is also the end of zigzag walking Srđ trail. The Cross was originally built in 1935 but then destroyed during the Croatian War for Independence in 1991. A few years after the end of the war a Memorial Cross Monument that you can see today was built and now represents the final "Station of the Cross" for all Christian pilgrims. If you decide to follow the trail down the Srđ instead of using cable car you will find small monuments with scenes from the Christ crucifixion.

If you think that Dubrovnik cable car price for a ticket is too high and want to save some money, plus at the same time have a decent physical shape you can always climb to the Srd by following one of the roads leading there. There is also a Taxi or Uber as a traveling option and they will cost you approximately the same as Cable Car. You can also go up the hill with Dubrovnik cable car and climb down following one of the roads or hiking trails. There are two hiking trails and one car road that goes to the top of the Srđ mountain. You can see all roads and hiking trails leading from Dubrovnik to Srđ on the map.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you decide to use one of the hiking trails to the Srđ mountain. The InterCity road (Jadranska Magistrala) upon Dubrovnik is not suitable for hikers so be cautious.







Car roads and hiking trails to Srd

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