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General Dubrovnik Questions

This Dubrovnik guide in Q&A form will answer on everything any traveler wanted to know about Dubrovnik. We listed most asked tourist questions about Dubrovnik and gave short and precise answers on every one of them. The guide is expanding with new questions and answers and the old ones are being refreshed with the newest information every week.

In this part of the Dubrovnik Guide, we will answer on all most basic questions about Dubrovnik. If you are searching for an answer what is typical Dubrovnik weather, what currency is used in Dubrovnik, when was Dubrovnik built... you will find them in this part of the guide! If you have any additional tourism-based questions about Dubrovnik feel free to contact us.

- Where is Dubrovnik located?

The city of Dubrovnik is located in eastern Europe, Croatia (European Union), on the Adriatic Sea. It is the most popular town in Croatia and one of the most desirable European holiday destinations. Dubrovnik coordinates: 42°38'26" , 18°06'35" 

- Is Dubrovnik Safe?

A simple and honest answer would be - YES, Dubrovnik is a very safe travel location.

- What is the typical Dubrovnik weather?

Dubrovnik has Mediterian climate with long hot summers and short mild winters with an average yearly air temperature of 16,6 C. Dubrovnik has over 250 sunny days during one year and swimming season lasts from the end of April to the beginning of October. Average air temperature in August (the hottest month) is 26 C. Check the current weather in Dubrovnik.

- What is the best time of the year to visit Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik becomes too popular in the last decade and he is now paying a price for that in the form of crowds and traffic jams. To avoid this the best time to visit Dubrovnik is to visit during preseason or postseason. The second part of May and September are the months with fewer crowds and weather usually god enough for swimming and beach time. If you are visiting during high season try avoiding dates when there are too many cruise ships in Dubrovnik port. Check cruise ships schedule Dubrovnik. 

- What is Dubrovnik currency?

The official currency in Dubrovnik is Croatian Kuna (KN). In 2019. one Kuna is worth approximately 6,5 USD and 7,5 Euros. Most of the shops and restaurants in Dubrovnik will accept credit cards and some of them will even accept Euros or USD even that is against the law.

- Where can I exchange money in Dubrovnik?

Banks, Exchange offices or ATMs are the places where you can change your currency into Croatian Kuna. Be aware that you will be paying some kind of commission and always double-check the current exchange rate. There are some ATMs in Dubrovnik that can take up to 30% of your money! It is proven that bank offices are usually the safest and most fair options to change your money in Dubrovnik. To calculate how much money do you need for your Dubrovnik vacation use Dubrovnik vacation cost calculator.

- Can I pay with Euro in Dubrovnik?

The official currency in Dubrovnik is Croatian Kuna, but some places will accept payment in other currencies even this is forbidden by law.

- Is Dubrovnik expensive?

Everything in life is relative, so this question is not an easy one to answer. You could compare Dubrovnik with some other popular European destinations like Venice, Paris or Barcelona. Same as in those cities if you decide to have a drink on the most popular location you will pay a premium price. You can find a coffee in Dubrovnik for $1,5 and there are exclusive places where you will pay it $6. Prices of accommodation highly depend on the time of a year and a type of accommodation, so you can find rooms in private accommodation or hostels for $15/night or you can rent a villa for $10000/night. Dubrovnik Vacation Cost Calculator can help you calculate all expenses of your ideal Dubrovnik vacation. 

- Is tap water in Dubrovnik drinkable?

Water in Dubrovnik is drinkable. In the past there where some problems with water after heavy rains, but in 2019 the City of Dubrovnik built water purifier to prevent this from happening in the future. water in Dubrovnik Old Town fountains is also drinkable.

- What are the best beaches in Dubrovnik?

The most popular Dubrovnik beach is Banje beach near the Old Town. Mostly because of its location and stunning view on the Dubrovnik Old Town harbor and the Island of Lokrum. The only downside of Banje beach is that it is overcrowded during high season. Beach Sveti Jakov near Hotel Belvedere is also one of the most popular ones near the Old Town. In the Lapad area, the main Sunset beach is the biggest and most visited one, but there are several other smaller beaches near that location. On the Babin Kuk area, we are recommending Copacabana and beach under hotel President Dubrovnik, but If you are for some VIP beach treatment go to Coral Beach Club Dubrovnik.

- How old is Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik history goes way back to the 6th century when the city was established. The first documents mentioning Dubrovnik were written in the 12th century, but the City of Dubrovnik, also known as Ragusa became the mighty Republic a few centuries later. During the middle ages, The Republic of Dubrovnik was one of the most powerful trading and diplomatic powers on Mediterrane sea. Find out the most fascinating stories from Dubrovnik history.

- When was Dubrovnik Old Town built?

Dubrovnik had wooden fortification walls very early in its history, before the 10th century, but the stone fortification system and two kilometers long City Walls were built later. Most towers and strong 25 meters high defensive walls were built from 14th to 17th century in the form you can witness today.

- When was Dubrovnik in war?

Until 1991 the city of Dubrovnik together with Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia. After proclaiming its independence Croatia was attacked by Serbian paramilitary forces together with the Yugoslavian national army. Dubrovnik as one of the main targets suffered significant damage but managed to defend itself and stay free. The Croatian War for Independence ended in 1995.

- What to do in Dubrovnik when it rains?

Nobody likes when rain interrupts his or her summer holidays. These are your options on how to spend a raining day in Dubrovnik.

- Find a day tour to some of the nearby places with better weather. Mostar and Montenegro are the most usual choices, but you can find more of them on Viator.

- Spend a day visiting Dubrovnik museums, historical buildings, and Churches.

- Go shopping in SUB center in Zupa Dubrovacka just 15 minutes car ride from Dubrovnik.

- Visit one of the Dubrovnik Escape Rooms with your traveling companions and spend an afternoon in resolving interesting puzzles. The other visitors are rating this attraction as the most fun thing to do in Dubrovnik.

- Go to the beach! Yes, it rains, but it is not forbidden to go swimming while it rains in Dubrovnik. Swimming in the rain (you can sing also while you swim;)) is great, plus you will probably avoid crowds and have a beach (or big part of it) all for yourself.


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