Made by Dubrovnik locas in 2019.

Dubrovnik Old Town Restaurants Map

Map of Dubrovnik Old Town restaurants divided into 5 categories: Fine dining (white), Asian (yellow), Fast Food/Pizza (red), Seafood (blue) and vegetarian (green) restaurants.

There are hundreds of restaurants inside Dubrovnik City Walls and we wanted to help you find the best one for you. We choose these ones based on our preferences, tradition, quality and customers reviews. So, this is a list of best Dubrovnik Old Town restaurants 2020 together with a map, restaurant website and most important information for every one of them made by Dubrovnik locals.

Dubrovnik Old Town restaurants map 2020.

Dubrovnik Old Town fine dining restaurants:

1- Restaurant 360:

One Micheline star 2019, Exceptional location and view, $$$+, Reservations required, Open just for dinner, Tasting menus available,  Local and meditation food made by classic French cooking school.

2 - Restaurant Kopun:

Great authentic food, Traditional Croatian cuisine, Big open terrace, $$, Restaurant on national cuisine based on old Croatian recipes made with fresh local ingredients.

3 - Zuzori:

Fine dining, $$$, Micheline Guide 2019 recommendation, Street terrace, Traditional Mediterrane food made in a modern way.

4 - Segreto Dubrovnik:

Fine dining Italian restaurant, Street terrace, $$, Great value for money and customers reviews, Good wine card, Amazing deserts, Variety of authentic Italian dishes and HQ grill made from fresh first-class ingredients.

5 - Above5 Rooftop Restaurant:

Fine dining, Exceptional view, Rooftop terrace, $$$, Reservation recommended, Mediterrane and modern cuisine based on local seasonal ingredients.

6 - Nautika Restaurant:

Exclusive restaurant, $$$+, Long tradition, Great location, Terrace with an amazing view, Reservations required, Open just for dinner, Local fresh ingredients, fresh seafood, Traditional food in modern cuisine.

7 - Restaurant Dubrovnik:

Fine dining, $$$, Big open terrace, Dalmatian cuisine menu based on fresh ingredients and local fish.


Dubrovnik Old Town Asian restaurants:

1 - Azur Dubrovnik Restaurant:

Asian-Meditarian fusion food, Delicious food, $$, Original recipes, spicy food based on fresh ingredients.

2 - Bota Sare:

Fine dining sushi restaurant, $$$, Open street terrace, Local seafood and oysters from the bay of Ston as restaurants forte.

3 - Incredible India Dubrovnik

Genuine Indian restaurant, $$, Street terrace, Authentic Indian dishes, Spicy food.

4 - Dubrovnik Ding Dong Restaurant:

Korean food restaurant, $$, Original Korean recipes, Asian flavors, Simple interior, Small terrace in the heart of the Old Town, Great customers reviews.



Dubrovnik Old Town fast food/pizza restaurants:

1 - Pizzeria Storia:

Pizza and pasta dishes, $$, Street terrace, Good value for money and customers reviews.

2 - Pizzeria Oliva:

Pizzeria with a long tradition, Street terrace, Great variety of pizza, Fresh ingredients, takeaway pizza slice.

3 - Pizzeria Castro:

Classic pizza place, Street terrace, $$, Tasty pizza with fresh ingredients.

4 - Tutto Bene Pizzeria/Fast Food:

Fast food and pizza dishes, Takeaway pizza slice, $$, Burgers, Kebab, Tortilla, Sandwiches, Pizza.

5 - Pizzeria Mea Culpa:

Pizzeria with a long tradition, Open street terrace, $$, A great variety of pizzas and few pasta dishes.

6 - Fast Food Republic:

Fast food restaurant with fresh ingredients, Good value for money, Located in Old Town center, Original recipes, Takeaway Pizza slice, Burgers, Sandwiches...

7 - Fast Food Presa:

Simple fast food, Great value for money, Street terrace, Burgers, Tortillas, Sandwiches, Salads, Pancakes.

Dubrovnik Old Town seafood restaurants:

1 - Restaurant Posat:

Fine Dining, Amazing open terrace, Great view, $$$, Reservation Recommended, Modern Mediterrane seafood dishes, High-class local ingredients, Good wine list.

2 - Fish Restaurant Proto:

Fine dining, $$$, Terrace, Hearth of the Old Town, Michelline guide 2019 recommendation, Long tradition, Mediterrane seafood traditional recipes based on fresh local fish and ingredients.

3 - Barba Streetfood:

Fast food restaurant, $$, Seafood menu, Original street food seafood dishes.

4 - Restaurant Stara Loza:

Fine dining seafood restaurant, Amazing historic location, $$$, Rooftop terrace, Great wine list, Authentic flavors of Mediterrane cuisine with a modern touch.

Dubrovnik Old Town vegetarian restaurants:

1 - Nihsta

Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant, $$, Daily menus, Gluten-free options, Raw food dishes, Daily menu based on seasonal local ingredients.

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