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Dubrovnik tours and excursions

The city of Dubrovnik is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. While planning your holidays in Dubrovnik don't forget to reserve a day or two for tours and excursions from Dubrovnik to popular local must-see touristic spots. Not visiting at least some of these amazing places near Dubrovnik would be a huge mistake for every traveler. We will help you decide which Dubrovnik tours and excursions to choose from. Some of them offer an unforgettable holiday experience, while others may be boring or overpriced. We will also provide you with a map of popular Dubrovnik tours and excursions locations and average times you will need to spend to reach them by bus, boat, car or public transportation.

Different types of Dubrovnik tours and excursions

Dubrovnik guided walking tours


There are many Dubrovnik guided walking tours that tourists can take to get introduced with the city by a professional guide. A guide will take you through the Old Town major streets, you will visit all important city monuments and most often take a tour on Dubrovnik City Walls. The most of Guided walking tours are on English, but many Dubrovnik travel agencies offer them on other languages. There are also specialized Dubrovnik walking tours like Game of Thrones filming locations tour.

  • The prices of the walking tours: From 90Kn (12€) to 150Kn (20€)

  • Duration of walking tours: From 1 hour to 3 hours

GOOD TO KNOW: For Dubrovnik walking tours that include City Walls you will need to buy Dubrovnik City Walls ticket (200 Kn, 29€).


Dubrovnik excursions panorama sightseeing tours

From the invention of selfie photography, Dubrovnik sightseeing panorama foto tours are one of the most popular tourist choices. There are several amazing sightseeing and selfie spots in Dubrovnik area providing a perfect background for your Instagram photos. The absolute number one is on Srd mountain LINK and you can use Dubrovnik Cable Car to get there, but there are also other transportation options.

You can use a taxi, UBER or minibusses to take you to the top of the Srd, or some closer popular photo locations. There are two great photo tours locations on the intercity road (Jadranska magistrala) upon Dubrovnik. Most of the tourists from cruise ships use these spots to perpetuate their Dubrovnik memory before returning to their ships. Even Dubrovnik public transportation company Libertas have cabriolet buses that will take tourists on all popular Dubrovnik panoramic spots. As you may expect cabriolet buses are not driving on rainy days.

  • A price of Dubrovnik panorama tours:

        From 60Kn (8,5€) to 250Kn (34€)

  • Duration of sightseeing tours:

        From 1,5 to 3 Hours

Dubrovnik Tours map

Guided tours from Dubrovnik to local tourist spots


One of the biggest touristic problems of Dubrovnik is that it became too popular. You can translate this as crowds and jams during high season, especially during mornings and early evenings when most of the cruise ships are still in town. It is smart escaping them by choosing guided tours to some of the popular locations near Dubrovnik.

Places like the Konavle region, Cavtat, Ston, and Pelješac are the most usual tourist choices. You will find many travel agencies offering these Dubrovnik tours and excursions with professional guides. If you are a wine lover exploring the wines of Peljesac or Konavle region will be an amazing experience we fully recommend. The city of Ston is also known as a favorite gastronomic destination, especially for its oysters. All Game of Thrones fans will often choose guided tours to the Island of Lokrum to visit filming locations and Iron Throne on this island near Dubrovnik.

  • The prices for this kind of tours and excursions from Dubrovnik may wary a lot depended on destination and the tour package: The average price goes from 250Kn (34€) to 370Kn (50€)

Guided full day tours from Dubrovnik to Montenegro and Bosnia


Dubrovnik is geographically placed in a perfect position to use it as a holiday base. From there you can easily travel on day tours and excursions to Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina. The most popular travel destinations in those countries are Mostar, Kravice waterfalls and Medjugorje in Bosnia. Top tourist locations in Montenegro are Budva and Kotor. A big number of Dubrovnik travel agencies are offering day tours and excursions to these destinations.


Tourists are transported by buses, minibusses, and vans. Professional guides are usually included in excursion prices and most common language is English. The other option tourists have to visit these destinations is to rent a car and drive by themselves. You can see average prices for these day tours provided by Dubrovnik travel agencies below.

A rent a car price may vary a lot dependent on the type of car you are renting and time of the year. You will also have to pay some extra fees for traveling over the state board and leave a security deposit or take full insurance. The major problem with day tours to Montenegro and Bosnia is that often during the high season you may get stuck on border crossings for a longer period of time. Checking live border crossing situation on this WEBSITE before your excursion may be a smart move.

Boat excursions to local Dubrovnik islands

Dubrovnik Islands.png

The most popular Dubrovnik island is Lokrum. To go to Lokrum you don't need a travel agency if you don't want a specialized Game of Thrones Lokrum Tour. Just buy a ticket in the Old Town port and take a 15 minutes boat ride to this magical green island full of beautiful natural wonders and rich history. A Game of Thrones fans probably already know that original Iron Throne in on Lokrum. You can visit it and take a picture while sitting on the Iron Throne.

On the other side of Dubrovnik just a little bit more distant then a Lokrum you will find the Elaphiti Islands. The biggest and most popular ones are Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. Many travel agencies use smaller boats to take tourists to three island day cruise from the Gruz harbor. In this full-day boat excursion, you will usually also get a launch and drinks. It is a good option to get from the crowded city beaches and sail to the open sea and Elaphiti islands with one of these boat tours. Don't forget to take your sunscreen and hat on this boat excursion because you will be under the sun almost the whole day. If you want to make your boat trip an extra special one then do it with a Karaka ship. Karaka is a magnificent replica of the 16th-century ship from Dubrovnik republic. Get more info about THREE ISLAND CRUISE HERE!

GOOD TO KNOW: Sometimes the smaller boats may be overbooked so it is smart to check the size of the ship and number of passengers with your booker before buying a boat ticket.

The other option for sailing to the Elaphiti islands is to buy a boat ticket in Gruz harbor and go by yourself. You can find Jadrolinija ticket prices and boat schedule on their WEBSITE.

If you are for a little bit of adventure than think about renting a Jetski on one of the Dubrovnik beaches and visit Elafiti islands this way.

Every of three Elaphiti islands (Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan) has its advantages. The most popular among tourists for daily boat excursions is Lopud. The main reason is the beach Sunj. This is the biggest and most beautiful sandy beach in Dubrovnik area.

Dubrovnik private transfers


If the price is not an issue and you want to enjoy in full commodity during your travel than contacting some of the travel agencies to organize you a private transfer is a way to go. You can take a private car transfer to any of the locations in Dubrovnik surroundings or even some of the more distant locations. Private boat transfers are also available for all Dubrovnik islands.

Price of private car transfer from Dubrovnik airport to the Old Town goes from 250Kn (34€)

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are staying in private accommodation in Dubrovnik ask your host for private car transfers and save some money.


Dubrovnik Rent a Car

If you own driving license Renting a Car during your holiday in Dubrovnik may be a smart move if you are planning to go on day trips and excursions. On the other hand, we would not suggest renting a car for transportation inside the town. Traffic jams and lack of parking space is a big problem in Dubrovnik, so renting a scooter is a better option. When calculating Rent a Car prices in Dubrovnik always compare several travel agencies because prices may vary a lot. Also, check are there any hidden fees like insurance, extra kilometers or special fees for crossing a state border.

Dubrovnik local bus lines


Dubrovnik local and suburban bus lines can take you to the most of popular tourist destinations in Dubrovnik surroundings. During the high season, you may expect that city buses won't fully obey timetable, so sometimes is easier to walk to some closer city locations then wait for a bus. You can find all timetables and map of Dubrovnik bus lines on the Libertas website.

The price of a Dubrovnik bus ticket is : 15 Kn (2€)

GOOD TO KNOW: If you buy a Dubrovnik Card you can ride for free in Dubrovnik public transportation.

The most popular and top-rated tours from Dubrovnik

- Three Islands Cruise (Kalamota, Lopud, Sipan)

- Cavtat and Konavle region

- Ston and Peljesac

- Mostar and Kravice waterfalls

(We are working on these articles... Coming soon;))

- Montenegro

- Island of Korcula

- Island of Mljet

- Medjugorje

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