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Dubrovnik Tours & Attractions  (Q  & A)

In this part of the Dubrovnik Guide, we will answer everything you wanted to know about Dubrovnik most popular attractions and tours in and from Dubrovnik. If you are searching for answers like Where to find a map of GoT Dubrovnik filming locations, What is the most popular Dubrovnik museum, what bus tour to take... you will find them in this part of the guide! If you have any additional tourism-based questions about Dubrovnik feel free to contact us.

- What is the best Dubrovnik travel agency?

It is hard to answer this question, especially with hundreds of small travel agencies in Dubrovnik specialized in different Dubrovnik tours, excursions, and experiences. We recommend you to visit VIATOR, search for Dubrovnik tour or experience, read reviews of other tourists, check current prices and book what you like.

- What are the best tours and excursions from Dubrovnik?

the most popular Dubrovnik bus/van tours and excursions are Mostar and Kravice waterfalls tour and Excursion to Montenegro. Best Dubrovnik sea tours are Kayaking and Three island tour. There are also many Dubrovnik walking tours and the most popular of them are specialized Game of Thrones tours.


- What are Dubrovnik best attractions?

We could say that complete Dubrovnik Old Town is one attraction. Exploring it and getting lost inside small stone streets full of history can be the best experience Dubrovnik has to offer. Under the condition that it is not high season and thousands of other tourists in the Old Town at the same time. If we are ranking Dubrovnik attractions by popularity then these are the main stars:

City Walls of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik cable Car, Stradun, Lokrum, Three Island Cruise...

- Where was Game of Thrones filmed in Dubrovnik area?

Game of Thrones was filmed in many locations in Dubrovnik area. Most of them are placed inside or around Dubrovnik Old Town. The City Walls, forts and towers enabled perfect scenery for some of the most memorable scenes from Kings Landing. For some Game of Thrones filming locations producers choose the island of Lokrum and Arboretum Trsteno near Dubrovnik.

- Are there Dubrovnik Game of Thrones guided tours?

Yes, there are different types of game of Thrones tours in Dubrovnik. From short walking tours that will take you just through the Old Town filming locations in less than two hours and cost approximately $25 to a full day Van/bus/boat tours that will take to all GoT filming locations in Dubrovnik area.

- Is there a map of Dubrovnik Game of Thrones filming locations?

You can find a map of all Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik here. It is very useful if you are planning to visit these locations independently.



- What is the Dubrovnik card?

Dubrovnik Card is the easiest way to save money if you are planning to visit several Dubrovnik attractions and museums and use public transportation. With Dubrovnik Card, you have a free entrance to Dubrovnik City Walls, all major museums and galleries in Dubrovnik, plus the most important sights in Cavtat, plus free public transportation. Other than this you will have a discount on a boat ticket to the island of Lokrum, in many souvenir shops and  Dubrovnik restaurants.

Where to buy Dubrovnik card?

The easiest way is to buy a Dubrovnik Card online and get an extra discount.

What is the price of the Dubrovnik card?


1 Day Dubrovnik Card - 250 Kn. 3 Day Dubrovnik card - 300 Kn and 7 Day Dubrovnik Card 350 Kn. For online payment, you will get a -10% discount on these prices.

You can take over your Dubrovnik card in several tourist board offices:

– Tourist board office PILE, Brsalje 5
– Tourist board office GRUŽ, Obala Ivana Pavla II 1
– Tourist board office LAPAD, Masarykov put 2, Dvori Lapad
– Konavle Tourist Information office, CAVTAT, Zidine 6

The Dubrovnik Card is being activated by its first use and after that, it is active for 24h, 3 days or 7 days.


- What is the price of Dubrovnik City Walls ticket?

A price of a ticket for the Walls of Dubrovnik is 200 Kn($30) for grownups and 50 Kn($8.5) for Kids. You can visit Walls of Dubrovnik for free with a Dubrovnik Card. For more information about Dubrovnik City Walls read this article.

- Where is Dubrovnik Cable Car located?

Dubrovnik cable car lower station is located near the Old Town, in the part of Dubrovnik called Ploce. Just a few minutes walk from the Old Town Buza Gate. The cable car upper station is located at the top of mont Srd. Find more details about Dubrovnik Cable car in this article.

- What is the price of the Dubrovnik Cable Car ticket?

 Adults: Both directions/One way:  150 Kn/85Kn


 Kids(4 - 12): Both directions/One way: 60 Kn/40 Kn


 Kids under 4 years: Freeride


- What are the best sightseeing spots in Dubrovnik?

The number one sightseeing spot in Dubrovnik is from the Panorama restaurant at the top of Srd mountain. You can reach it by Dubrovnik Cable car, by car or by climbing a hiking trail.  There are also two spots on the inner city road uppon Dubrovnik where you can stop with your car and take a perfect Instagram photo with Dubrovnik Old Town in your background.

- Where is Dubrovnik aquarium located?

Dubrovnik aquarium is located inside Old City Walls under St. Johns Fortress. In our opinion, the Dubrovnik Aquarium is craving for renovation and new bigger living space for its animals. It makes us sad looking beautiful sea creatures stuck in such small aquariums. Sea turtles habitats are especially poor and unadjusted and cleaning is not on a high level either. We sincerely hope that the Town of Dubrovnik will soon build a bigger aquarium. The only positive thing about Dubrovnik aquarium is that there is usually pleasant temperature inside its thick stone walls and the ticket price is not too high.

- How to get to the island of Lokrum?

Ships for Lokrum sail from the Dubrovnik Old Town harbor every thirty minutes. The first one leaves at 09:00 AM and the last ones go from Lokrum at 08:00 AM. The timetable is changeable due to time of the year so check all details on Lokrum Website. The boat ride is pleasant and just 15 minutes long. There are also other ship lines from Cavtat and Zupa Dubrovacka to the Island of Lokrum.

- What is the price of the ship to Lokrum?

A price of two ways boat ticket with an entrance to the Island of Lokrum is 150 Kn ($23). If you have a Dubrovnik Card you get a discount on Lokrum boat ticket and then it cost 120 Kn.

- What Dubrovnik islands to visit?

The island of Lokrum is number one on the visit list of the Dubrovnik islands. This unique green piece of heaven is a place of tranquility distant just 15 minutes boat ride from Dubrovnik Old Town port. Highly recommended for family visits and game of Thrones fans with a desire to sit on the original Iron Throne.

Elafiti islands are also loved by tourists visiting Dubrovnik. You can take one of many cruise boat tours and visit three of them (Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan) in one day. There is also an option to go independently with a local boat line and in this case, we would recommend you Lopud and its beautiful sandy beach Sunj.

For a full day tour or weekend visits, there is an island of Mljet with its national park and Island of Korcula.

- How to visit Dubrovnik islands?

The easiest way is to book one of the boat cruise tours and enjoy a full-day or half-day excursion to the island of your choice. You can also rent a private ship with or without skipper to take you to any of islands near Dubrovnik. There are many tours and excursions to choose from on Viator so it will be easy to find what suits you the best. The most economical choice is to use local boat lines that sail from Dubrovnik port Gruz. You can check their timetable and ticket prices on the Jadrolinija website.

- What places to visit near Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik area offers a big number of attractions and interesting places to visit by half or full-day tours from Dubrovnik. The most places tourist to visit while on holidays in Dubrovnik is the city of Mostar, Montenegro, Elafiti Islands, Island of Mljet, Island of Korcula, the city of Ston, Konavle region and Peljesac region. There are also many other smaller historical or natural interesting touristic spots near Dubrovnik.

- What attractions to see near Dubrovnik?

The most popular attractions near Dubrovnik are:

The Island of Lokrum, Soko Tower in Konavle region, Beach Pasjaca in Konavle region, Arboretum Trsteno, Ston City Walls, National park Mljet, Beach Sunj on Lopud island, Blue Cave on Kalamota island. 

- What are the most popular Dubrovnik museums?

There are four major City of Dubrovnik museums located in the Old Town. Cultural History Museum, Ethnographic Museum Rupe, Archeological Museum and Maritime Museum. You can get more information on them on the Dubrovnik Museums Website.

Newly open Red History Museum become very popular among tourists during the 2019 season. This museum is providing an experience of living in Communist Yugoslavia to its visitors from the first hand. Another interesting Dubrovnik museum is War Photo Limited. It is also situated inside Old Town Walls and displays photos from world-famous war photographers. The goal of this museum is to show world conflicts and wars from the first hand, or more precise from the frontline, just the way they are, bloody, terrifying and sad.

- What are the prices of Dubrovnik guided tours?

Prices of Dubrovnik guided tours go from $15 for one hour Old Town walking tour, $30 for Game of Thrones or City Walls guided tour, $50 for half-day/full-day boat or bus tours and so on. There are even Dubrovnik free walking tours (tip is expected). Dubrovnik Vacation Cost calculator can help you calculate prices of all most popular Dubrovnik tours.

- What are the most popular Dubrovnik boat tours?

The most popular Dubrovnik boat tour is Three Island Cruise. This tour will take you to islands of Elafiti archipelago near Dubrovnik. You will spend a whole day on Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, the three biggest and most beautiful Elafiti Islands. These boat tours are done by smaller open boats (20 to 50 passengers) with included lunch, soft drinks, and water. There are several varieties of Three Island Cruise tour so check all details on VIATOR before booking. The other popular boat tours are a tour to the islands of Mljet and Korcula.

- What is the best Dubrovnik boat hire?

There are hundreds of different boat hire tours with or without a skipper offered by Dubrovnik travel agencies so it is hard to pick the best one. You can choose from small traditional fishing boats to mega yachts and from boat transfer to weekly boat rent. We advise you to check all Dubrovnik boat hire offers on VIATOR and choose the best one for you.

- What is the best Dubrovnik sightseeing tour?

Best Dubrovnik Sightseeing tours are done by Cabrio busses with English guides. It will usually pick you up on some of the most popular tourist locations like the Pile gate or Cruising port Gruz. Almost all Dubrovnik sightseeing Cabrio tours will drive you around the city and then to several sightseeing spots above Dubrovnik, from Franjo Tudman Bridge to the mount of Srd. You can also take a private car transfer to the top of the Srd mountain and enjoy the best sightseeing spot for approximately 250 Kn for up to three persons.

- What are the best Dubrovnik wine tours?

Dubrovnik region has two popular wine regions, Peninsula Peljesac with the island of Korcula, and Konavle region. Wine tours to Konavle region will take you to one of many rural households in this region for half a day of wine and food tasting. Wine tours to Peljesac are usually whole day tours to wineries and vineyards of popular Peljesac wine sorts

- What are the most popular Dubrovnik day trips?

Most popular Dubrovnik day trips are a bus or van tours to Mostar and Montenegro. Montenegro border is less than one hour drive and the trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar takes approximately 3hrs. Usually, all tours do a hotel pickup early in the morning and take tourists back in the hotel after tour is finished. Dubrovnik day tours are usually done by air-conditioned vehicle and English speaking guide. You can find day trips from Dubrovnik to Mostar and Montenegro listed on VIATOR together with prices and reviews.

- Is there a Dubrovnik free walking tour?

Yes, there are free walking tours in Dubrovnik and you can get more details about them on Freetour Website. The choice of free walking tours in Dubrovnik is not so broad, but there is a classic Old Town history tour and also a very popular Game of Thrones Dubrovnik tour. It is good to mention that tipping a tour guide is expected.

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