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This Dubrovnik guide in Q&A form will answer on everything any traveler wanted to know about Dubrovnik. We listed most asked tourist questions about Dubrovnik and gave short and precise answers on every one of them. The guide is expanding with new questions and answers and the old ones are being refreshed with the newest information every week.

Dubrovnik Transportation (Q &A)

This part of the Dubrovnik Guide will give you answers to all Dubrovnik transportation questions. Questions like what is the price of the airport taxi, is UBER available in Dubrovnik, where to find Dubrovnik bus schedule...  can be in this part of a guide. If you have any additional tourism-based questions about Dubrovnik feel free to contact us.

- What is the best way to arrive in Dubrovnik?

Most tourists visit Dubrovnik by airplane or cruise ships. Dubrovnik Airport is well connected with other European countries and there is even a direct line with the United States of America. Dubrovnik is also one of the most popular cruising destinations on Metiterian sea. If you are visiting Dubrovnik by car the highway is ending approximately 100 Km from Dubrovnik and you will need to cross through a small part of Bosnia and Hercegovina before reaching our hometown.

Where is Dubrovnik airport located?

Dubrovnik airport is located in small town Cilipi 22 kilometers from Dubrovnik. It usually takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach the city of Dubrovnik from the airport. During summer tourist season traffic jams are usual on this route so always consider this when planning your Dubrovnik airport transfers. 

How to get from Dubrovnik airport to Old Town?

The most economical way is to take a Dubrovnik airport bus. The price of the Dubrovnik airport bus ticket is approximately 50 Kn ($8,5) and they are going from the airport every 30 minutes. IMPORTANT! Just some bus companies will stop on the Pile gate (Old Town entrance) before going to Dubrovnik main bust station, while others will drive directly from the airport to the main bus station. After reaching the main bus station use local bus line numbers: 1A, B, C or 7 to get to the Old Town.

A more simple way to get from Dubrovnik airport to Old Town is to take a taxi, UBER or private transfer. The price of a private transfer from Dubrovnik airport to Old Town is approximately 250 Kn ($40) To find out what is the best Dubrovnik airport transfer visit VIATOR and check prices and reviews of transfer companies.

There is also a Dubrovnik airport car hire available. You can rent a car directly at the airport and drive to Dubrovnik. The process of a car hire is fast and there are several rent a car companies operating at Dubrovnik airport so the prices are usually fair and low. We suggest you use the Dubrovnik airport car hire option only if you have free parking at your hotel or private accommodation. Dubrovnik has a big problem with traffic jams and free parking spaces during summer so using rent a car may be the last option you want to use without free parking.


- What is the price of Dubrovnik public transportation?

Dubrovnik public transportation is conducted by buses of public company Libertas. You can buy a ticket on a bus for 15 Kn and use it for one hour. Daily ticket price is 30 Kn.

- Where can I get a map and schedule of Dubrovnik public transportation?





You can find the timetable for Dubrovnik bus public transportation, and map of Libertas bus lines on the Dubrovnik Maps page.

- What is the best Dubrovnik taxi?

There are several taxi companies in Dubrovnik and the prices of taxi rides are changed frequently. UBER is also available. These are the most popular Dubrovnik taxi companies:

Plavi Taxi:

Cammeo Taxi:

Eko Taxi:


- What is the price of Dubrovnik taxi?

The price of taxi rides in Dubrovnik change frequently and depend on the taxi company, time of the day and for some companies the number of free taxi cars available at the current moment. You can use this taxi calculator to get an approximate price for your ride:

- What is the price of a taxi transfer from Dubrovnik airport?

An average price of car transfer from Dubrovnik airport to the town center in 2020 is 250 Kn.

- Is there UBER in Dubrovnik?

Yes, UBER is available in Dubrovnik.

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