Made by Dubrovnik locas in 2019.

Calculate the cost of your Dubrovnik vacation in 2020.

Dubrovnik locals from "Holiday in Dubrovnik" created this easy to use cost calculator to help you calculate the cost of your Dubrovnik vacation 2020. The first step in your preparation for the next holiday season in Dubrovnik is to find out how much money you need for your vacation based on Dubrovnik prices. Dubrovnik cost calculator you can find out the approximate amount of Euros you need to prepare for your perfect vacation in Dubrovnik Croatia.

We draw our data from Airbnb and for prices of Dubrovnik private accommodation and local hotels. Viator website was used to calculate prices of the most popular Dubrovnik tours, excursions and city attractions. We also personally visited dozens of Dubrovnik restaurants to check the prices of food and drinks. In the end, we had to (this part was hard :)) try all kind of drinks in Dubrovnik bars, pubs and have a few wild nights at Dubrovnik clubs just to check their prices.

We did all this so all future Dubrovnik visitors can in just a few minutes get approximate cost of their vacation in Dubrovnik 2020. with the help of Dubrovnik vacation cost calculator.

If the calculator doesn't load please refresh the page 

Please be aware that calculation will probably not be 100% accurate because there are so many elements we could not incorporate without making the calculator too complex. The idea was to keep it easy, quick and free so every future visitor can use it as a perfect Dubrovnik vacation planning tool. We recommend that after finding out the total cost of your holidays make deeper and more precise calculations by visiting for your accommodation and Viator for all Dubrovnik tours and attractions you are planning to visit.

If you find it useful you may even share it with your friends.

Have a great calculating :)

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