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Three Island Cruise Dubrovnik

This article will inform visitors about Three Islands Cruise Dubrovnik - One of the most popular day trips from Dubrovnik. What to expect, is this excursion worth your time and money, what islands will you visit on this cruise, what's the price of this trip, plus a few important insider tips.

One of the most popular day tours from Dubrovnik is a Three Islands Cruise. There are many travel agencies offering this trip and tens of boats of are setting their sails (engines) from the Dubrovnik Gruz harbor every morning to take hundreds of tourists to these magical islands. The Three Islands Cruise excursion got its name by three islands of Elafiti archipelago. Their names are Kolocep (Locals call it Kalamota), Lopud and Sipan. The Elafiti islands are the closest islands to the city of Dubrovnik, stretching for several miles in a North-West direction.

The map of Dubrovnik three island cruise

First of Elafiti island is placed at the entrance of the Dubrovnik Gruz harbor and it is called Daksa. You can reach it by boat in just 5 minutes, but he is usually not part of the classic Three Islands Cruise, even many ships will stop in front of Daksa to allow tourists to take a swim before continuing its voyage. After passing Daksa boat captain will take the first official destination, the island of Kalamota. Usually, it takes around half an hour for boats to reach Kalamota. The captain of three island cruise Dubrovnik will cast the anchor and stop the boat so passengers can enjoy in a clean Adriatic sea, sandy beaches and beautiful nature.

There is one special and hidden place on Kalamota that you can ask your three islands cruise Dubrovnik Capitan to take you to. It is called a Kolocep Blue Cave and we highly recommend you to visit this natural miracle. Tourists will probably need to take a private island cruise from Dubrovnik or a specialized one to be taken to this destination.

The island of kolocep

Beach Sunj on island of Lopud near Dubrovnik

The beach Sunj on island of Lopud

The second island on your cruise will be Lopud. Lopud is the most popular of Elafiti islands mostly for its famous Sunj beach. Sunj is the biggest sandy beach in Dubrovnik area and best place you can find to get sunburns, so please bring your sunscreen and hat when visiting Sunj and Lopud. Most of Three Island Cruise Dubrovnik excursions will provide their passengers with fish or meat launch freshly grilled on the ship before leaving the island of Lopud. With the launch, you will also get a glass of Dalmatian wine or a juice for refreshment.

Next Station and the third island on this touristic boat cruise is the island of Sipan. This island is the biggest and most populated of all islands in Elafiti archipelago. You can spend your time on Sipan in different ways, swimming and sunbathing, exploring islands historical monuments and local traditions or just reading a book in a shade of some hundreds of years old tree. If there is a chance we recommend you to buy fresh fish from local fishermen and try some of the Sipan Wines.

Sipan port with one of cruise ships

Sipan port

As we already mentioned there are many Dubrovnik travel companies offering their version of three island cruise. Tourists can expect different traveling routes, food menus, boat speed, and sizes. Most of the Three Island Cruise tours will start from the Gruz harbor and end in the same place, but some of them will take their guests from hotels and leave them there at the end of the excursion. Some travel agencies offer all included full and drink menus during their cruise, plus special vegetarian menus. These cruise ships are usually smaller wooden types from 10 to 20 meters, operated by 2 to 4 crew members.     We advise you to explore several Dubrovnik cruising companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. It would be a pity to ruin your experience of charming Elafiti islands just because a boat was too crowded or they offered you a wine you don't like.

The average price of the Three Islands Cruise is 50 Euros and this is a whole day trip from Dubrovnik. The boat is usually setting their sails from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM and returning to the harbor from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

IMPORTANT: Please bring your sunscreen and hat on your Three Islands Cruise and avoid getting sunburns or even sunstroke. Some people forget about their sun protection especially after a few glasses of good Dalmatian wine and regret later. Don't be one of them :)

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