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Walls of Dubrovnik Tours

When you possess something valuable and want to protect it, the most logical thing is to build a big thick wall around it. If you don't trust me just ask Donald Trump :) The most valuable thing in the Dubrovnik Republic was its freedom (Libertas) and to protect it they mostly used their superior diplomatic power, but there was always a chance that diplomacy will fail and for that reason, the walls of Dubrovnik game of thrones were built.

Walls of Dubrovnik and fort Lovrijenac

I am sure that Dubrovnik City Wall builders were not expecting that in the 21st century over one million tourists will be climbing their Wall every year and be amazed by its beauty. For them, it was the last line of protection from enemies of the Republic. And during the long history of Dubrovnik, there was always someone trying to occupy it and take its freedom. Today the Walls of Dubrovnik Tours are seen as one of the most astonishing and well preserved defensive fortification structures it the World. This fact was confirmed by UNESCO 40 years ago by including Walls of Dubrovnik together with Dubrovnik Old Town on the list of World Heritage Sites.

Walls of Dubrovnik in numbers

  • Walls Of Dubrovnik length: 1940 meters (6360 feet)

  • Wall of Dubrovnik gates: 3 from the land and 2 from the sea.

  • Entrances to climb on the Walls: 3

  • A number of forts and towers on Dubrovnik City Walls: 4 big forts and 21 smaller defensives fortifications.

  • Hight and Thickness of the City Walls: up to 25 meters (83 Feet) high and from 1,5 to 6 meters (5 to 20 feet) thick.

  • A price of a ticket for Walls of Dubrovnik: 200 Kn for adults (28 Euros), 50 Kn for Kids (7 Euros)

  • Number of Visitors: Over one million in 2018.


The history of Dubrovnik (City Walls) for dummies!

Even still today archeologists are excavating new findings that are moving the City of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) deeper into history the official story goes something like this. Some evil tribes of Slavs and Avars conquered the city of Epidaurum (Cavtat) during the 7th century. A part of its citizens fleed north to run from all that death and destruction. They were probably a little bit lazy and decided to establish a settlement just 20 minutes car drive from their former city on the small islet near the cost. They named it Laus and do you know what was the first thing they did? They started building a city wall. That was not a fancy stone wall like the one you can visit in Dubrovnik today, but a simple defensive wooden wall.

The years passed and on the other side of the shore, some peaceful Slavs started building their settlement and named it Dubrovnik. You already know what was the first thing they did. Yes, of course, they build their defensive city wall also. I guess in those times without internet and TV people had to do something, and it looks like building the walls was a thing to do for them. The old chronicles from the 9th century are telling us that even then the City of Dubrovnik had good and strong walls that defended it from the long Saracens invasion.

Few hundred years after that two settlements, laus and Dubrovnik united into one. This became official when a shallow channel between them was filled with stones and dirt and soon became the most beautiful street in the world - Stradun (The main street of the Dubrovnik Old Town)

GOOD TO KNOW: a taxi will charge you approximately 30€ to take you from Dubrovnik (Ragusa) to Cavtat (Epidaurum).

The City Walls that you can see and visit today started getting their form and shape in the 14th century. Through the next two centuries, the City Walls were upgraded and expanded several times until it got its magnificent look.

The Walls of Dubrovnik are making a full, almost 2 kilometers (1,2 Miles) long circle around the Dubrovnik Old Town. You can lose 120 calories just by walking up and down more than a thousand stairs around the Walls. After that, you may have big ice cream on Stradun without any guilt.

Dubrovnik City Walls working hours

08.00 - 18.30 h (April 1st – May 31st)

08.00 - 19.30 h (June 1st – July 31st)

08.00 - 19.00 h (August 1st – August 31st)

08.00 - 18.30 h (September 1st - September 14th)

08.00 - 18.00 h (September 14th - September 30th)​

08.00 - 17.30 h (October 1st – October 31st)

09.00 – 15.00 h (November 1st – March 31st)

closed on the 25th of December

If you are more into running then join "Run the Wall" 2 kilometer Dubrovnik race that takes a place once a year in early spring. At the same running event, there is also a half marathon, 5K race, and race for kids. Choose what fits you the best end enjoy your run in the unique environment of Pearl of Adriatic. For more race information you can visit DU-Motion.

GOOD TO KNOW: Dubrovnik City Walls are open even during the rainy days. If you decide to visit them while raining please take extra care because stones can be slippery. It is also not smart to climb over the protection fences just to make a good photo. Be smart and stay safe.

Walls of Dubrovnik Map

(gates, entrances, main towers)

Dubrovnik Old Town and city walls
  1. Pile gates entrance 

  2. Ploce gates entrance

  3. Aquarium (St. John) entrance

  4. Pile gates​

  5. Ploce gates

  6. Buza

  7. Fort Minceta

  8. Fort Revelin

  9. St. John Fort

  10. Tower Bokar

  11. Fort Lovrijenac​

Walls of Dubrovnik Map

Walls of Dubrovnik in Game of Thrones

Walls of Dubrovnik gain additional fame and glory during the last few years. The main reason is a Game of Thrones series. Dubrovnik Old Town was used as a scenery for the capital city of Game of Thrones - The Kings Landing. Many filming scenes took place on The Walls of Dubrovnik and if you are a Game of Thrones fan I am sure you will easily recognize most of them. Forts Bokar, Minceta (The House of Undying), and Lovrijenac - The Red Keep (separated from the walls) are the main places to see during your GoT holidays in Dubrovnik. For more Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik information visit: ULTIMATE Game of Thrones DUBROVNIK GUIDE. 

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